Michiganders Organizing your Home as we fight the cold.


Home Organization: Best Tips

Michigan this year has had some very cold days. With the cold days you may be staying home with the kids, who aren’t school or just don’t want to go out. What a better time to organize.   Organizing things around your house cannot be as difficult as most people with messy homes think it is. Here we give you a few tips to go through it smoothly.


1st Start With a Plan

Take one thing at a time. Aspiring to organize the entire house in a day with just randomly starting off with any corner will not be successful. Do something simpler. Take a walk around your house. Make notes, mental or otherwise, of the things you want to sort out, be it furniture, fittings or clothes and papers just lying around. Just make a note.


2nd Tackle One Room at a Time

Once you begin, do not empty drawers after drawers, shelves after shelves and try to sort everything back. You will get lost among the rubble you create. Pull on drawer at a time, put things back neatly, and move on to the next. Finish one room before moving on to another,


3rd The Three-Pile System

This is possibly the best method of organizing quickly with least confusion. Create a pile each for throw away things, for give away things, and for keep away things. After a pile takes of adequate proportion, try and put it in its respective place, like take the throw away pile to the trash can, the give away pile to the garage, and so on.


4th Minimize the Clutter

The maximum number of items that we see around our homes is things we do not need and do not use very often, but still keep them in the hope that they will perform some very crucial function around the household some day. Such items are the kinds that must be gotten rid of at the earliest. If you have not figured out how to use something for this long, you will not come up with ways to put it to use in the future either.


5th Use Storage Solutions

Invest in baskets, boxes, bins, pocket baskets so that you have a slot for each item in your house. Storing everything in one huge seamless drawer or shelf makes it difficult to find things, and even difficult to put them back, creating more mess.


6th Color Code and Label

Code all your stuff according to color. Divide them in any manageable groups and color code them. This will help you remember in boxes of which color to look for a particular items and where to put it back.


Why is an insurance agency helping you to get organized?

As you get organized, it’s a good time to put a list together of all your valuables, and other things your insurance policy covers. Taking pictures of these things, at the same time, is not a bad thing. Then put this list in a place where it is safe from fire. Putting on a digital format like a PDF, Jpegs, or WORD and down loading it to a cloud works well and makes it easy to get to at the time of a claim.


Is it time to review your insurance policy? Now that you know what you have and everything is in its spot, take the time to see if you are covered for what you have. To many times we have had clients file a claim that they were not covered for or did not have enough coverage. This is a good time to see if you made any large purchases, home improvements or were given a valuable gifts that may not be on you policy.


Why Michigan insurance Source


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